Call for Session Ideas Overview

During the 2019 Unity Summit: Building & Bridging Power, we will explore strategies for utilizing power to advance philanthropic equity. Specifically, we are looking for examples of how philanthropy can support structural and institutional CHANGE by shifting philanthropic energy towards racial equity with intersectional investment into community-led solutions and building relationships which leverage collective power.


Session ideas should align with one or more of the Unity Summit goals:

  • Highlighting the integration of diversity, inclusion, and social justice into philanthropic practice.

  • Amplifying equitable philanthropic practices that address structural and institutional change.

  • Magnifying community priorities of our partners with an intersectional approach.



In addition to aligning with the Unity Summit theme and goals, we are interested in addressing the following key issues areas:


  • Racial Justice

  • Economic Justice

  • Gender Justice

  • LGBTQ Rights

  • Disability Inclusion   

  • Reproductive Justice

  • Rural Communities

  • Climate Change

  • Organizational Culture Change

  • Narrative Change

  • Immigrant & Refugee Rights

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Criminal Justice Reform & Police Accountability


Additional Considerations:​​

  • Connect your idea to one or more of the Summit themes.

  • Priority will be given to proposals that offer cross-cutting strategies and practices for underrepresented populations, issues, and perspectives.

  • Proposals that explore and examine intersectional approaches are encouraged.  

  • Session submissions that present an infomercial context, frame, or is considered a “standalone or case study,” will be merged with another session, invited to take part in a SPARK presentation, or will not be accepted.